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Status Update

This is the latest news on our projects. Project name (completion %, increase since last update)<ul>

  • Core Rules r7 (85%, +10%)
  • City-State of Balic (89%, +0%)
  • Legends of Athas (incorporating final feedback)
  • Faces of the Forgotten North (100% - public playtest)
  • Athasian Emporium (100% - public playtest)
  • Other projects currently on hold include Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains and Secrets of the Dead Lands.


    DS3 R7 update

    We have released two more chapters of the Dark Sun 3 Core Rules revision 7. <p>

    The new releases are Chapter 4 - Prestige Classes, and Chapter 10 – Magic and psionic items. The versions of the prestige classes in Chapter 4 have expanded descriptive text and supersede those in Prestige Class Appendices I and II. Chapter 10 has a selection of items and artifacts from Athasian Emporium.

    Dark Sun 3 Core Rules </p>

    Character sheet

    A 3.5 character sheet contributed by Nefal has been posted. You will find it here: Dark Sun 3

    New chapter releases

    We have released three more chapters and made updates to the two already published chapters of the Dark Sun 3 Core Rules revision 7. A big thanks goes to Bruno for his prolonged engagement to this project and his team.<p>

    The new releases are Chapter 1 – Races, Chapter 3 – Heroic Characteristics, and 7 – Life on Athas. Among the important changes you will find that thri-kreen and half-giants no longer have racial hit dice, the number of feats has been greatly expanded along with additional regional information, and the brand new Chapter 7 contains much sought after information on the major cities of Athas – including Kurn, Eldaarich and Saragar.

    Dark Sun 3 Core Rules </p>


    Kamelion has contributed an article on Ssurrans, providing players and game masters alike with additional information on these reptilian humanoids. Click here.

    Site maintenance

    We are performing site maintenance tonight. You may experience some speed and stability issues.

    A visible improvement is that using the Products menu will yield better results, as a result of classifying all Dark Sun products from and TSR in a common scheme.

    Trade Lords update

    We have revised the Trade Lords accessory. Among the updates are the inclusion of fact sheets for the major merchant houses of the Tyr Region and NPC stats for caravans for different levels of play.

    There is also an accompanying article with trader campaign plothooks. up again

    Apologies for the site being down for a couple of days. There was an issue with our domain renewal, but it has been sorted out and the site is back up (obviously). Thanks for your patience.

    New templar

    Daniel Bandera, aka Band2, has rejoined Daniel has been a steady provider of feedback and has accepted our invitation to rejoin the ranks of We are happy to have him back onboard!