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Avangions, Redux

An updated version of the Avangion has been posted. <p> </p> This version of the Avangion has been a total revamp of the prior system due to feeback from both the bureau and the boards. <p> </p>Added features include: (but are not limited to) <ul> <li>initial feat prerequisites have changes slightly to better represent the avangions special nature[feat:5] </li>

  • New method of dealing with Avangion Magic (including removing the disputed retain essence ability for a more streamlined system)
  • Gaining the epic metamorphosis spells without research cost through leveling in the PrC
  • Cleared up the confusion on CL/ML gains and gaining levels in arcane caster class and manifester class at various levels.
  • Revitalize has become a psionic enchantment only and is only done through sacrificing spells.
  • Avangions are immune to the effects of being in the drain radius of Defiling magic (and a provided epic feat can allow all creatures within the avangions aura to be immune to the effects.)
  • Spells have been modified significantly to allow the avangion at later stage to cast without most components, as well as allowing them to absorb magical items into themselves as permanent effects taking up the given slot. (as they are unable to use normal slotted items by the time they gain this ability.) However this also means that absorbing a new item into the same slot overwrites the old, thereby they lose the old one permanently. As well as giving mental bonuses instead of physical for size increases and numerous other changes.
  • </ul>

    Wisdom of the Drylanders, version 2 (expanded)

    Wisdom of the Drylanders, version 2, with new articles, art, maps, NPC blocks, feats, and PrCs, is now available here. Thanks to all that assisted and contributed!

    Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains continues to progress on target for this year. Lost Cities and subsequent projects will continue to give you a better picture of the forgotten north.

    Avangion rules

    The avangion metamorphosis rules have been released for public feedback. Get them while they´re hot! <p> Avangion rules


    Lost Cities looking for a soundman

    The “Lost Cities” team is looking for someone who konws how to synthesise drum sounds in surround-sound who would be interested in working with the Prison State of Eldaarich project to make a free, downloadable soundclip of Eldaarich’s “heartbeat drums” as a character traveling through the dim lands would hear them. Interested persons with the skills, equipment and time for this project should contact Brax

    Adventure updates

    Dregoth Ascending I: The Day of Light, Dregoth Ascending II: The Quest, as well as Whispers of the Storm have all been updated to conform with the latest Dark Sun Core Rules set (release 6). Thanks to all who have contributed!

    Project status update

    Q4 2005 saw the release of the long awaited conclusion to the Dregoth Ascending trilogy, as well as the Champion Template. By the end of Q1, we will have release updated versions of Whispers of the Storm and Dregoth Ascending parts I and II. Other projects are under way, some of which will see the light of day in Q2. <p>

    Secrets of the Dead Lands: Now that Dregoth Ascending has been released, time has come to complete Secrets of the Dead Lands - the second unfinished Dark Sun project which was given to from Wizards of the Coast. A project group consisting of the senate and some of our friends at Dark Sun Brazil has been appointed to complete the project. </p><p>

    Advanced Beings: We still have some work to do on avangions, but there has been a welcome increase of pace lately. The end result will be worth waiting for. </p><p>

    Terrors of Athas update: The Monster Bureau is still working on an updated version of Terrors of Athas. They’re perfectionists, which is why it hasn’t been released yet.</p><p>

    Equipment project: Our Athasian variant of the Arms and Equipment guide is being reviewed internally before it is released for public playtesting. </p><p>

    Product updates: With all the adventures updated to the latest DS rules iteration, City-State of Draj remains. </p><p>

    Other projects: The Emissary, Lost Cities. These projects are either put on hold, or progressing slowly. </p><p>

    We’re looking for artists that can provide us free art for our projects. E-mail for details if you want to help us keep Athas alive and illustrated. </p><p> </p>

    New templar

    Austin Butcher has joined the ranks of the Templarate. Austin will be assisting the Skills and Feats Bureau as well as the Spells and Powers Bureau. Austin has helped us over the years with proofreading and providing freeform feedback. Welcome aboard, Austin!

    Dregoth Acending Part 3

    The final part of the Dregoth Ascending trilogy has been released for public playtesting. You can download The Ascension from the Releases section. Merry Christmas!

    Updated Dragons, Champion of Rajaat

    The Dragon advanced being rules have been updated, as has the Champion of Rajaat template.

    Champion of Rajaat changes include:

    • Include the inadvertantly omitted ability score adjustments
    • Fire Resistance 5 has been removed
    • Dread strike has been replaced with Genocidal Focus, which effects both spells and physical attacks
    • Regeneration has been reducted to 10. Fire and acid has been changed to sonic and cold.
    • Transmutation immunity has been grouped with the other immunities
    • explicitly state that any immunity may be voluntarily lowered
    • CR and LA have been adjusted
    • Orb of Energy storing has been adjusted

    Changes to the Dragon PrC include:

    • References to Energy Storing as a class feature have been removed.
    • Duplex has been changed with All-out attack
    • Spellcaster level progression is now in both manifester and spellcater, rather than forcing a choice.
    • The defiler metamorphasis mitigating factor has been changed from an XP burn to a sacrifice of 1000 HD of living creatures.

    New senator

    Mark Hope (Kamelion) has been invited to join the Senate. Mark has been a member of for two years and has contributed a lot of quality work. Welcome to the Senate!