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The Artisan's Quarter

We have a new staff section at The Artisan’s Quarter, featuring our regular artists. You do an excellent job, keep the art coming.

DS3 update

An editing update to DS3 has been posted. Mostly spelling, formatting fixes, but the templar’s secular authority descriptions and table now match.

Dregoth Ascending II: The Quest

The long-awaited sequel to The Day of Light is released for public playtesting. This is an alpha version, subject to change. The final version will include more art, maps, possibly more encounters, and maybe other elements as well. Note that the alpha release uses a hybrid between the former iteration and the current iteration of the DS 3.5 Core Rules. The final release will use the latest version of the DS 3.5 Core Rules. <p>

You can download Dregoth Ascending Part II: The Quest alpha release here. Feedback can be posted on this thread on the Wizards boards. </p>

Project status update

Dark Sun 3.5 Core Rules: A preview version was released yesterday. While reviewers report typos etc. an illustrated version is being developed.<p>

Dregoth Ascending Part II: Scheduled for public playtesting June 30th, the second part of the Dregoth Ascending trilogy might be released without art. Rest assured, art will be in the final release.</p><p>

Terrors of Athas 3.5 [Monster Bureau]: A revised version of Terrors of Athas 3.5 is still in the works. Some rare critters escaped us last time, but we hope to have caught them this time. Thanks to all you reavers out there. Hopefully, this will be done before autumn. </p><p>

Advanced Beings [Epic Bureau]: We got a lot of good feedback from the Dark Sun community on the dragon rules preview, much of which we are incorporating into the advanced being rules. Hopefully we will release revised dragon rules within two weeks. </p><p>

Athasian Arms and Equipment Guide [Equipment Bureau]: This project is progressing at regular mekillot pace. It is a large project which was started earlier this year with no set deadline.</p><p>

Other projects are either on hold or progressing slowly.</p>

Dark Sun 3 update

A new revision of Dark Sun 3 has been released. This revision brings DS3 fully in line with the Extended Psionics handbook and D&D 3.5 rule set. There are numerous changes within the document, including the addition of the Wilder class, the renaming of the Brute, and new weapons, powers and feats.

I’ll be working on an imaged version as time, and art supply, permit.

Dragon preview

The Epic Bureau at is pleased to announce the playtest release of our Dragon advanced being rules. The rules consist of an Epic Prestige Class and a series of 10 transformation epic spells.

After reviewing and incorporating feedback on this approach, we’ll follow up with Avangion and Elemental Advanced Being rules – which will clearly follow in a similiar mold.

Dragon rules

Project Status Update

Time for another status update on product development:

Dregoth Ascending Part II: The much awaited sequal to Dregoth Ascending Part I will be released on schedule (June 31st). By the current productivity rate, I dare to say it could be done sooner. It's about 70% done. The full title will be Dregoth Ascending part II - The Quest.

Terrors of the Deadlands 3.5 update: The Monster Bureau reports that the updated version of TotD is right around the corner. It has undergone major revisions and includes some new elements, among them a new athasian undead.

DS Core Rules 3.5: The Psionics Chapter is done along with the Spells Chapter. A release is right around the corner, there are some details we need to hammer out and editorial work left.

Dark Sun Prestige Class Appendix Vol. I: I've received some comments, which has lead to the preview version being updated twice. So make sure to get the latest version.

Dragon Rules: A finalized draft of the Dragon Rules are being reviewed internally in the Epic Bureau before they will be released to the public. In other words, these are also right around the corner.

Other projects: Secrets of the Deadlands, The Emissary, Lost Cities. These projects are either put on hold, or progressing slowly.

In other words, you have a lot to look forward to the upcoming months!