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New staff member

Fabricio Lopes from the Dark Sun Brazil website has become an staff member. He is responsible for coordinating translations of material.

New templar

Jan Groeneveld has joined the Equipment Bureau. Jan has helped in the past with 3.5 proofreading and updating Whispers of the Storm to 3.5 rules.

Preview release of Dregoth Ascending: The Day of Light

Dregoth Ascending was still in development when the Dark Sun line was cancelled in 1997 and has been updated to the revised 3rd Edition D&D rules for this long-awaited release.<p>

This preview release features part one of the Dregoth Ascending trilogy: The Day of Light and is set against the backdrop of Dregoth’s invasion of the city-state of Raam. While Raamite forces battle Dregoth’s dray army, the characters are pitched into the heart of the invasion and slowly begin to discover that something far more dreadful than war is underway beneath the dark Athasian sun. </p><p>

Dregoth Ascending: The Day of Light includes preliminary artwork and maps needed to play the adventure and utilizes the Dark Sun 3e Core Rules, available for free here at As this is a preview version of the adventure, feedback is still welcomed, pending a final release with full artwork in the near future. Send comments to


Download Dregoth Ascending: The Day of Light now: Dregoth Ascending: The Day of Light.</p>

Dregoth Ascending

“The Day of Light” is the first of three adventures in the Dregoth Ascending trilogy. We’re on schedule and a preview release for public playtesting should be ready before Christmas. So, you’ll all have a nice Christmas present to peruse during the holidays.

Whispers of the Storm, preview

A preview of the 3.5 update for Whispers of the Storm, the companion adventure for City State of Draj, has been released. This is a playtest release, please look it over, run through it, and send comments to jon.

3.5 Character Sheet.

Etienne and Alain Guerry have submitted a new Character Sheet for DS3.5. There are a couple of places where it draws from non-core, non sources; a pure version will arrive sometime next week:

  • Unearthed Arcana (Action Points, Wound/Vitality points)
  • Dragon (Dave Noonan's defiler points/taint)