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Dregoth Ascending

“The Day of Light” is the first of three adventures in the Dregoth Ascending trilogy. We’re on schedule and a preview release for public playtesting should be ready before Christmas. So, you’ll all have a nice Christmas present to peruse during the holidays.

Whispers of the Storm, preview

A preview of the 3.5 update for Whispers of the Storm, the companion adventure for City State of Draj, has been released. This is a playtest release, please look it over, run through it, and send comments to jon.

3.5 Character Sheet.

Etienne and Alain Guerry have submitted a new Character Sheet for DS3.5. There are a couple of places where it draws from non-core, non sources; a pure version will arrive sometime next week:

  • Unearthed Arcana (Action Points, Wound/Vitality points)
  • Dragon (Dave Noonan's defiler points/taint)

From the archives

Several years back, Eric Anondson conuducted an interview with Troy Denning. Due to some recent interest, it’s been dug up and posted to the articles section. Enjoy.

Project status

We’re always busy working on official projects at Here is an update on the current projects with priority. <p>

Dregoth Ascending: The work on the much awaited first part of Dregoth Ascending is in full progress. David Tisch (Cyrus9a) is assisting us on map creation. </p><p>

Terrors of the Deadlands: The Monster Bureau has been busy these last months with Terrors of Athas. These guys continue to impress me all the time. Now they’re working on updating Terrors of the Deadlands from 3.0 to 3.5 rules. </p><p>

Tyrian Conspiracy: I’ve received some very good feedback on the preview of the update from 3.0 to 3.5 rules. The public playtest is still going on. Expect a final release in October. </p><p>

DS Core Rules 3.5: The largest remaining parts of the Core Rules 3.5 update are the psionics and spells chapters. </p><p>

Prestige Class Compilation: Prestige classes are being developed for Dregoth Ascending. The doc currently has 28 prestige classes and more are to follow. </p><p>

Epic Rules: The Epic Bureau is still working on the advanced beings rules and other rules concerning these concepts, such as dragon magic and psionic enchantments. </p><p>

Other projects: Secrets of the Deadlands, The Emissary, Whispers of the Storm 3.5 update, City-State of Draj 3.5 update, Lost Cities. These projects are either put on hold, or progressing slowly. </p>

Terrors of Athas, 3.5E done

Terrors of Athas, in 3.5E is done. The document contains no images at this time, however. An image-full version will be released at a later date.