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Class Updates

The Druid class has been revamped. It’s much closer to the PHB class now. Flavorwise, the ties to a specific guarded land have been removed from the class – unlike previous versions of Dark Sun, the Druid class is now untethered. A Prestige Class representing the scary-powerful-druid-as-a-gardener is being polished.

Also seeing an update is the Ranger class, featureing some simplifications and clarifications.

Rounding it out, the Rogue class has also been updated – normalized against the PHB with a few new 10th level options thrown in.

New Feats

As you may have noticed, the “Tarandan” prestige class is being subsumed into the psion class, and replaced by a series of Tarandan feats. This week brings a number of gladiator and other non-psionic feats, as well as an expansion and revision of Tarandan feats.

Bard, re-re-redux

The bard is back as a core class. After working the class out for a prestige class, we realized that we’d managed to make it pretty unique – and also more generalized than a prestige class is really supposed to be. So, a little stretching, et voila!
In other news, the Psychic Warrior gets a light facelift – new flavortext. Additionally, the Tarandan prestige class has been declared defunct.


Applications for playtesting Secrets of the Dead Lands are now closed. Notification to playtesters will be sent April 2nd, 2002.

S is for sitemap

The content of the site has been reorganized, so that everything can be found in one place, instead of being buried under six different URLs. All the monsters are now in /monsters, instead of /unofficial/monsters, /official/totdl and whatever future DSMC supplements we make … easier for me to maintain, and easier for you to find things. All your old links should still function, and they should take you to the Right Place.

Changes to Races

After long argument, playtesting, and reviewing WotC’s growing body of information on ECL rules, we have made changes to a number of the races. Furthermore, a new player character race, long in the making, has finally appeared: the Jozhal.

Continued Developments

New skill applications; new bardic feats; new psionic powers … approaching 250 new psionic powers. Note some of the psionic powers have a duration of “performance,” making room for the psionic bard. Get on the Dark-Sun mailing list and let us know what you think of these new developments! Hot topic of the day: Kili’s Dance

Secrets of the Dead Lands is proud to announce that we looking for playtesters for Secrets of the Dead Lands.

Interested DMs should email me (, after which further information will be needed. Applications will be reviewed and accepted by me based on different criteria.

We will be taking applications for the next 2 weeks. After that, sorry.

Playtesting will begin in May and last approximately 1 month.

Bard Prestige Class

The Athasian Bard has made the transition from a core class struggling to differentiate itself from the rogue to a prestige class with a touch of … something. It’s not the flu, but it could be smallpox. I thought that last kank-honey ale tasted a little funny …

Key to understanding the Bard prestige class are the Alchemy and Secrets skills.