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DS3 update

We’re revisiting some of the classes, after feedback and consideration. A quick rundown of some (not all – we’re not entirely done yet) of the changes:

  • Psionic Combat has been restored to Psions and Psychic Warriors. (Too many adaptations to the psion class depend on having those combat mode slots available. By dropping them, the classes are cut off from quite a bit of official material)
  • Druid spellcasting is restored to the PHB style and progression.
  • A Templar core class is being added (This has been the source of quite a bit of the delay)
  • Bards are being reworked (any class that people are afraid to even playtest has problems ...)

No promises on the bard, but we’re going to release a new revision of the classes document once the Templar writeup is complete. There’s still some debate over their spells, so no promises on exactly how long. Hoping for sometime in the next two weeks.