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Dark Sun Art Prints

In the early 90's a set of Dark Sun art prints were given to game store owners to promote the unique art of Dark Sun.

As a way to showcase the new Dark Sun setting TSR mailed out a set of Brom art prints to game stores in the early 90's. The prints came in a white envelope with the Dark Sun logo in black and white on the top left of the envelope. Inside were seven art prints each measuring 28 x 35.5 cm. The classic Dark Sun image that was on the original Dark Sun boxed set is the only full color print, the other six and black & white. Without further ado, here are the images. Click the image to see a larger version.

Verdant Passage
Dragon and Two Dwarves
Elf and Gith
New Race
Silk Wyrm and Mutant
Elf and Gladiator