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Terrors of the Dead Lands

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Terrors of the Dead Lands presents the undead of Athas, in Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition format. Old terrors are back, as well as new undead, and other creatures for the Dark Sun world. These creatures form the majority of the inhabitants of the Dead Lands described in the Secrets of the Dead Lands books. You’ll find rules for creating new undead, templates for powerful new forms of undead, and even a few living terrors.

Version 2 Update

To compliment the now completed Dead Lands boxed set books (listed below), Terrors of the Dead Lands has had several improvements. Several new images have been added, as well as a new type of undead (Thinking Skeletons).

The Dead Lands

The Dead Lands cover quite a large area, easily as big as the entire Tablelands. Secrets of the Dead Lands is part of a 4 part series of books meant to describe in detail not only the unique undead of Athas, but the ancient nations of countless undead lurking on the Obsidian Plains just to the south of the Endless Dunes. The four books in the series are divided by content:

  1. Secrets of the Dead Lands(Available Now) provides a sourcebook and history of the entire setting. This is where you’ll find most of the descriptions and explanations for the current state of the Dead Lands and its inhabitants.
  2. Faces of the Dead Lands (Available Now) provides all of the game rules and statistics for the areas mentioned in the other books. This includes NPC’s, unique magic items, and other major rules that might affect play.
  3. Terrors of the Dead Lands (this book) provides the rules for monsters and NPCs as they appear in the setting. Since this was released years before the rest of these books, there is an addendum section to this book which has been added to Faces of the Dead Lands at the end.
  4. The Emissary (Available now) is the first introductory adventure set in the Dead Lands. Within you will find descriptions and stats for relevant NPCs relisted in their shortened form for efficiency.




Timothy Brown


Gabriel Cormier (Gab), Peter Nuttall (Brax) Cover Art and Graphics Steve Bell, Jack Meyer

Interior Art

Toren Atkinson, Steve Bell, Bruno A. Lopez, Neeva Barrens, Chris Rathbert

Advice and Assistance

Eric Anondson, Will Kendrick, Chris Flipse, Nels Anderson (Feebles)

Design and Typography

Eric Anondson, Gabriel Cormier (Gab), Jack Meyer


Trent Bartlem, Chester Douglas (Khan the Warlord), David Schwartz

3.5E Version

Nels Anderson, Nathan Guest, Mark Hope, Mike Ring, David Schwartz

Introduction story “Homecoming”

by Peter Nuttall (Brax)

V2 Update

Adam Cieszlak and Jack Meyer