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Tyrian Conspiracy updated

Tyrian Conspiracy has been updated. Changes include:

  • Incorporates the latest DS3 rules add-ons and corrections.
  • New, faster mekillots improve travel time between Tyr and Urik!
  • It's been 3 months since the last update, which in and by itself requires a new update!

Terrors of the Dead Lands updated

Terrors of the Dead Lands has been updated to version 1.2. Changes include:

  • Monster entries conform with MM2
  • AC entries updated with touch and flat-footed
  • OGC text highlighted
  • minor fixes: errors, etc.

Slave Costs

Grummore has posted a small article on his website detailing slave costs.


A Magic Revision (proposed) is posted under the articles section. Look it over, review the system. Play a game with it. Play a couple of games with it. Then give us some feedback on it.

Some design constraints we are working under:

  • Wizards are a single class.
  • Simplicity. It shouldn't slow down the game just to cast a spell.
  • 3e Consistancy. Preservers should not be weaker than core wizards. Defilers should not (for free) be unbalancingly more powerful than core wizards. You ought to be able to use the system on worlds other than Athas.


A couple of of new pages have gone up in the Links page. One with 3E content (Jeremehovah’s Warzone) and the other for Neverwinter Nights Dark Sun mod (Dark Sun Online).

Psionics Updates

Just uploaded some new updates to the Magic and Powers documents. Mostly some clarifications and fixes.

added legs of a thri-kreen, and edited lesser legs of a thri-kreen to reflect the existance of the other power. Clarified specifics of their bonus types and stacking.
Cleaned up some old, innacurate example text.
Added scaling examples
Altered the list of scalable powers


So, while I updated and posted (to news) about the classes revision, I’d managed to forget to update the DS3 page to actually point to the new revision. This has been fixed.


A revised equipment chapter has been uploaded. Enjoy.


A week or so ago, I uploaded a revision of the Monsters chapter. Nyt just sent me the list of revisions, and it’s apparently more of an update than I’d thought it was (which is why I didn’t mention anything at the time…)

(From NytCrawlr)
Revisions include:

  • Edited skill to match the maximum ranks of HD 3
  • Edited layout of The Way sections to match PsiHB format
  • Edited The Way sections to reflect what the psionic template gives in most instances. I left the tembo and jozhal alone in this area, because I felt it was appropriate, and added to compensate for others.
  • Re-worked giant stats and adjusted stat blocks where appropriate; most of the giants are a bit tougher now, to match MM giants.
  • Other format cleanup and editing
  • Broke kank back up into brood queen, food producer and soldier. Changed food producer to worker, and made it match what a Medium-size version of the one in Terrors of the Dead Lands would be like, will post Terrors of the Dead Lands version in Terrors of Athas as the wild version of kank.
  • Matched braxat attacks with its 12 HD instead of still being based on 16 HD.

The April Fool

In case you thought it was real, yesterday’s “announcement” was a joke. There will be no Return of the Lost Gods supplement. :)