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Powers and Skills

The Powers and Skills chapters are ready for preview.

(edited, 2002.10.02) Apparently, some people have been having some problems with the PDFs for these two... The files have been replaced, so hopefully that fixes things. If not, let me know.

Equipment chapter update

An updated version of the Equipment chapter has been released. The skills chapter should be ready shortly, and with the release of MM2, the thri-kreen is going to be updated (yet again, though this really is the last time. Until Wizards errata’s the MM2.)

Equipment chapter preview

Okay, it’s finally ready: The equipment preview … a lot of the stuff included here hasn’t been pulled together in one place before, so this may elicit more comment than some of the previous docs. Use the usual feedback forums …


A Spells chapter preview is now available. Included in this are Domains, and spell lists for clerics, druids and wizards. Psionic powers are to be a separate (and still in progress) chapter.


A preview of the feats chapter is available.
I’m working out some fixes and editing on the Equipment chapter; that will probably be the next thing. The spells chapter is under heavy editing at the moment, and I’m not quite sure when that’s going to be done…

Races, Classes Solidified

The Races and Classes chapters have been frozen. Barring anything totally catastrophic that needs to be fixed, these are going to be the versions of the chapters that go into playtesting.
Next up: Equipment and feats; we’re filling in some holes on those, and will hopefully be releasing a preliminary version by the end of the weekend.


So, for those that havn’t heard, you can pick up the ESDs worldwide. That’s right, no more international restrictions! SVGames is the new distributor for all of WotCs ESDs, including the complete collection of Dark Sun ESDs.

More previews

A second round revision of the races chapter has been released. Up for the first time are previews of the classes and magic chapters.


A preview of the Races chapter of the playtest document is available. There are some changes from the material on the site, including a few last minute tweaks and a lot of editing. The site will catch up once we release the playtest document – maintaing changes in two different data sources concurrently is a nightmare I’m not going to deal with.

The races document includes the ten races from DS2. These races will be frozen for the duration of the playtest freeze; additional races will be appearing on the site once the doc is released (and won't be frozen). For the moment, the most important thing is to get this PDF out the door. Some of those additional races will probably find their way into DS3 at a later point.

Please direct your comments and questions to either the Dark Sun Mailing List or to the Message Boards. Public discussion tends to reduce the number of duplicate comments I find in my inbox.
Let me stress again that this is a PREVIEW ...