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Continued Developments

New skill applications; new bardic feats; new psionic powers … approaching 250 new psionic powers. Note some of the psionic powers have a duration of “performance,” making room for the psionic bard. Get on the Dark-Sun mailing list and let us know what you think of these new developments! Hot topic of the day: Kili’s Dance

Secrets of the Dead Lands is proud to announce that we looking for playtesters for Secrets of the Dead Lands.

Interested DMs should email me (, after which further information will be needed. Applications will be reviewed and accepted by me based on different criteria.

We will be taking applications for the next 2 weeks. After that, sorry.

Playtesting will begin in May and last approximately 1 month.

Bard Prestige Class

The Athasian Bard has made the transition from a core class struggling to differentiate itself from the rogue to a prestige class with a touch of … something. It’s not the flu, but it could be smallpox. I thought that last kank-honey ale tasted a little funny …

Key to understanding the Bard prestige class are the Alchemy and Secrets skills.


For anyone who missed it today, Wizards released their new OGL web policy. You can read the legalese or a plaintext version.

The good news is, this doesn't affect the official products or, nor does it affect our ongoing DS3 project -- or any of our other planned products.
It does however, affect most of what's been posted to our unofficial section. I had to pull a lot of things that had been posted there and notified the original authors. Much as I'd love too, we're too busy to work to ensure complicance of submitted work. Anything I'm sure was original work got to stay. Hopefully, the rest will be resubmitted soon.

Quizlet ...

So, I finally actually get the password to edit the quizzlet from raddu, and what’s the first thing that happens? Some joker with too much time on his hands, and no apparent inclination to acutally discuss his opinions, decides to stuff the ballot box. I’m looking around for a new polling script; it should be live again in a few days.

Flurry of talents

Last week it was harbingers and harbinger-related feats; this week seems to be talents week. Not that we’re counting or anything, but so far we have SIXTY-SEVEN talents up on the unofficial powers list. Not a bad selection for characters who take a wild talent. Expect more as the week progresses.

A flood of psionics ...

Now released: The Psion class, the Tarandan Prestige class, and several feats for Wild Talents. Still being hammered out are the rules for Harbringers.

Also, if you haven’t looked at them yet, there are a large number of new psionic powers available in the unofficial section.