The Burnt World of Athas

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Location references

Thanks go to Kamelion for compiling this comprehensive list of location references in Dark Sun products released by Wizards of the Coast.

Ssurran - extended writeup

Thanks to Kamelion for contributing this article with expanded information on the reptilian Ssurrans

Plothooks for trader campaigns

This article contains a series of plothooks for trader-related adventures to go along with the new release of Trade Lords. Enjoy! 

Revised domains

This is a suggestion for revised domains for R7. Please use the feedback forms to provide comments. 


Life-Shaping Handbook

A beta release of the Life-Shaping Handbook is available. This is a playtest release of the life-shaping rules as well as new material for playing with rhul-thaun characters and their Jagged Cliffs environment.
Please submit playtesting feedback to templarate at