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Project status update

This is the latest news on our projects. Project name (completion %, increase since last update) * Faces of the Forgotten North (100%, +10%; under Senate approval) * Athasian Emporium (90%, +3%) * City-State of Balic (89%, +0%) * Legends of Athas (58%, +0%) * Life-shaped Handbook (95%, +3%) * Trade Lords 1.1 update (68%, +18%) * PrC Appendix II (100% - public playtest) Other projects currently on hold include Core Rules R7, Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains, and Secrets of the Dead Lands.

New website added

A new website has been added in the Links section, Athas Reborn, a mod for Neverwinter Nights.

New templar

Bryan Bock, known to the fan community as Sysane, has been invited to join the Templarate and he has accepted the invitation. Welcome aboard.

Three new templars

With the restructuring of the Templarate, we have cleaned up the staff page and removed inactive or practically speaking inactive senators, overcouncil and templars from the active team member list. The list reflects our resource pool more accurately now.<p>

However, we have also appointed three new templars: Christopher Nahumck, Scott Stoecker and Robert Aldrich. All three have made significant contributions to´s work, and we welcome them all to the New Templarate. </p>

Restructuring the Templarate

The Overcouncil has decided to restructure the Templarate and its role. As you might know, the Templarate was originally founded as a rules body split into bureaus. Each bureau had responsibility for the development of a certain aspect of game rules. Over time, the DS 3 Core Rules have stabilized and several of the bureaus have become silent and/or inactive. Several projects have been launched in the bureaus, though, from the Terrors of Athas supplement, to the Athasian Emporium and the Advanced Being Rules. Some projects made it to completed status, others are slowly progressing, and some have become completely inactive. All over, though, the bureau mailing lists are silent as the grave. To counter this development, it has been time to rethink the role and organizing of the Templarate.<p>

In the end, we´ve decided that the bureaus will be removed. They are restrictive towards their members activities and an unnecessary level of bureaucracy. Therefore, we are flattening the organizational structure and changing the mandate of the Templarate. The aim is to make the Templarate more attractive to new and old members alike, by giving them the flexibility to work on the projects they want to pursue - and the power to do so. Templars can initiate projects and coordinate them on their own, ranging in scope from a City-State of X project (large) to adventures (medium) or new spells and powers (small).</p><p>

The Senate still decides which projects are granted official status, and it is generally recommended to get Senate input before initiating large projects. The Senate can also provide guidance and suggest priorities if need be. Other than that, templars are free to work with what they like and how they like. In essence, the Templarate will function as a project team roster, where people can sign up for the projects they want to work on. For existing projects, a project manager decides whether there is room for and practical with new members.</p><p>

I hope these changes will breathe life back into the Templarate and make it more attractive to everyone involved. Hopefully this will spark some interest, so we can revitalize some of the projects on hold or progressing slowly.</p>

Two new senators is proud to present two new senators that have risen through the ranks of the Templarate to join the Senate. The senators are Bruno Santos and Fabrício Lopes. Both have come from the Dark Sun Brazil website team, and have been working with us for some time.

Project status update

These are the projects with top priority at the time being. All are at a completion rate between 70% and 100%. You can expect (at least) one release now in January.<p>

Faces of the Forgotten North - First release in the Lost Cities series.
Trade Lords - An expansion to Dune Trader.
Athasian Emporium - An equipment guide.
Prestige Class Appendix II - PrC fan contributions</p>